3D_stenovie_paneliVeneered panels have a sandwich construction: the veneer made of valuable tree species is applied on the high-quality MDF. Veneered panels have a presentable appearance and can visually replace solid wood panels, however their cost is much lower. High quality wood is used as the base material which provides a high resistance in the forest. At the same time we can ensure that the wood is resistant to breakage and will not deform.
  • There are 15 ready-made color schemes for Warehouse program;
  • Individual selection of colour according to customer’s sample;
  • Selection of color tables RAL and NCS.

The set of 3D panels

Спецификация упаковки Стеновых Панелей 3D
Panels pack specification:
  • one pack is to the area 1.7 m2;
  • package’s weight: 17,1 kg;
  • quantity: 18 pieces;
  • length: 900 mm;
  • width: 85/105/125 mm;
  • thickness: 10/16 mm.
* Photos of products are provided to dealers of Finitura Dekor, you can download them on the page Partners.